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The appearance of impotence in a man leads him into shock, causes a depressed state and decadent mood. Erectile dysfunction is a medical term that every man is so afraid of, because he literally puts an end to his personal, intimate, sexual life. About this illness it is a shame to tell even to the doctor, though it is absolutely necessary. In this article, we will talk about what drugs can provide effective treatment for impotence in men.

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When buying a drug to increase potency, the question often arises: what is the difference between the brand (Cialis, Viagra) and its generic (generic Cialis, Viagra). Both of these drugs (brand and generic) have the same composition and active ingredient as the original medicine. For example, the active substance Viagra – Sildenafil, he is also present in the generic Viagra. Both these drugs are designed to increase the potency in men and increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

Generic is a substitute for the original drug and in no way is it a fake! The essential difference is only in the auxiliary substances in generics. But these other excipients do not affect the effect after taking the pill. The result will be the same as after the adoption of the brand drug.

Among other things, generics are usually much cheaper. Healthy man buying a branded drug, you also overpay for the name. Generics are more affordable at most prices. Do not think that a cheap drug is substandard. By its effectiveness, the generic is absolutely identical (by active ingredient) with the brand, and is also safe for the human body, but more affordable.

Healthy Man –¬†Treatment of erectile dysfunction

To date, erectile dysfunction is one of the most developed disorders. This violation reduces the confidence of every member of the stronger sex and does not allow performing a satisfactory sexual intercourse. There are several reasons that can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction and it does not always depend on the way of life of a man. More often, weakening the erection is facilitated by such reasons as: the use of alcohol, drugs, fatty foods and smoking. Erectile dysfunction can also develop after taking some medications that simply interfere with the development of testosterone. It is this hormone “testosterone” that affects the erectile function of the sexual organ. But, there are also men whose erectile dysfunction is due to psychological trauma, stress, or lack of self-confidence.